New Quantitative Finance Community

There is a new Quantitative Finance community in incubation at   I’ve a big fan of mathoverflow and stackoverflow, having found both to be the best sources of information and problem solving within their respective areas.   In order for the community to have a permanent and free home, it must show a sizable interest base.  Please visit the link above and provide your email address in support of the community.

Here is a quote from the founding member which best describes the motivations for creating this community:

I’m a researcher at a long running multi-billion quantitative hedge fund. I previously worked at Goldman Sachs, which due to its size was able to foster a strong internal community. As a researcher in a hedge fund, I have fairly limited opportunities for collaboration when it comes to learning more about the investment industry and finance as a whole. In short, there are no good, free learning resources for someone involved in finance.

The best available option has been Wilmott. The Wilmott forums are home to a very large community of scholars and professionals. Unfortunately, I find that it can be very difficult to monitor the forums, and even more difficult to find answers to questions that were asked there in the past. Moreover, the forums frequently include controversial or offensive discussions that can detract from everything else.

As such, I am seeking to create a new community that specifically addresses the needs of finance professionals and academics on the StackExchange network. StackExchange is a network built by the creators of  If you haven’t used StackOverflow, I strongly recommend it for programming questions. It’s much more effective than any other format at posing questions and getting answers in very specific technical areas.  If you have any programming questions, you should give it a try and see how quickly the correct answer is given.

This new Quantitative Finance site would be more akin to MathOverflow, where mathematicians gather to ask and answer specific math questions. The beauty of the MathOverflow is that it is a site for expert, by experts. Any non-specific, ill-formatted, or otherwise offensive question gets closed by the community almost immediately. So the attention can always be focused on interesting math questions.

In short, visit the incubating Quantitative Finance community and lend your support.  Thanks!


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3 responses to “New Quantitative Finance Community

  1. Harpreet

    Hey, thanks for the link and letting me know that what I was searching for exists! Quant Finance equivalent of

  2. Scott Locklin

    They’d be really hard pressed to beat
    -in my experience, the best online forum of any kind in the history of the internets.

    • tr8dr

      nuclearphynance is a great site, however the approach is different. The stackexchange is not a forum, rather a place to ask specific questions and get precise answers, rated / ranked by others. mathexchange and stackoverflow are great examples of both. I think both have their place.

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